Social Media New Year’s Resolutions

With the full calendar year wrapping up, it’s time to look at those Insights, crunch some numbers and develop the social media strategy for your brand. This will elevate engagement with your posts, widen your audience and deepen your reach into demographics. We’ve gathered a few New Year’s resolutions to help keep your vision for your social media 20/20.

Use Insights to Tighten Up Your Strategy

The final data points from the last quarter block of the year will help your brand adapt to ever-changing trends in brand interactions. You’ll get overall charts measuring the general parameters of how people are interacting with your social media page , from views to likes to reach and so much more, Insights will help you pinpoint what kinds of posts your 2020 strategy will need to concentrate on replicating.

Stay Updated on Algorithm Updates

As platforms continuously update their algorithm’s coding throughout the year, you need to stay on top of new adjustments to make in your social media strategy . This includes transitioning away from posting at a certain time of day and moving towards orienting your content around topics that will cause a platform’s algorithm to show your stuff to more people. Sometimes there are big changes in an algorithm’s decision-making skills, like with Instagram’s update in November 2019 , and sometimes the changes are relatively minor. Regardless, you should make it a point to stay up to date on all the latest social media platform algorithm updates in 2020.

Get More Accustomed to Facebook Creator Studio

With Facebook Creator Studio, you have all the content creation tools you need to post on Facebook and Instagram; including a sound collection library and tips on how best to monetize your page. You can make your videos highly engaging with polls and interactive text, and Creator Studio helps you get your content in front of as many people as possible. There really is so much it can do, from composing and uploading your content to helping you with social media best practices. You’ll get better Insights than ever before on how people interact with your content on your brand’s page. It also doesn’t hurt that you can post to Instagram from your desktop through Creator Studio!

Practice on Your Video Content

The transition to more video content is the overwhelming trend heading into 2020. Everyone agrees video is where people’s attention will be, however, which format will take the reins remains to be seen. Going to live video has been a bit of a bumpy ride across social media . Some platforms have seen it stumble, like Facebook, while others have seen it flourish, like Instagram. Stories have seen a massive swell in use across all platforms with Instagram leading the way in creatively sharing the moments right around you. Facebook Creator Studio wants everyone to make more videos and will help you find the right audience for your page. An interactive 360-degree video will grow over the next year, letting more people experience the sights and sounds of new places. Video chat is on the rise as well, so if you’re creating more video content in 2020, you should be in a good place as you’re creating social media content for a new decade.

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How Often Should You Post on Social Media? The Lifespan of Digital Content Online

One of the main questions we’re asked at IM体育综合官方网站 regarding social media strategy is: How often should I post on my social media platforms? There are a lot of different specific answers to this question, but the overall general answer is, “As often as you can keep posting quality content consistently over time.”

Quality and consistency matter more than posting frequency. It is important to keep these factors in mind when developing your social media strategy, no matter the platform. However, as social media companies have grown and differentiated from each other in their purpose and use, so have their algorithms when it comes to filling users’ feeds. So there really are certain numbers of times you should post your consistently high quality content depending on the platform. But it’s not all as complicated as you think. Thankfully, social media pages do not have to post content now as often as you may have heard.

Larger pages, like those for billion-dollar corporations, may be able to get away with more posts because of their larger follower counts. Their quantity of posts gets spread out via the algorithm so that no one user is overloaded with posts from the same mega-corporation, unless that user actively engages with those brands on a consistent basis.

Now, on to the really useful stuff for small, medium and large local businesses, like how often to post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.



Most studies concur that posting on Facebook once per day is the most successful rate for your business’ main social media page. Studies have also found that if your page has under 10,000 fans or followers on Facebook and you post more than once per day, you will witness a drop in half of your post engagements. The minimum of posts to post on Facebook is generally agreed upon at three posts per week. The best time to post doesn’t matter as much now as it did in the past, as Facebook’s updated algorithm factors the time of posting much less heavily in filling your News Feed. Check your followers time of activity in your Insights and adjust from there.



With 500 million tweets per day in 2019, the lifespan of a tweet might be the shortest in all social media. Usually, the lifespan of a tweet is well under an hour. So with that in mind, Twitter requires an active hand to stay relevant. At a minimum, tweet twice a day, with a preferred goal of 15 tweets per day and a max amount of 30 times a day. We recommend sprinkling tweets throughout the day using a decent post scheduler.



The benefits of posting Pins on this platform start to diminish the closer you get to posting 30 Pins a day. Follower growth has been a little hard to achieve on this platform the past several years, but posting around 11 Pins a day keeps your account active enough that your follower count should continue to see marked growth.



The fastest-growing social media platform actively recommends at a minimum one post per day, with two as a suggestion and three tops. Posting around the three-hour blocks on weekdays usually gives your posts the best chance for the most engagement and larger reach, so pay attention to whether your followers are morning people or night owls.



This is by far the easiest scheduling strategy to remember: at least two posts a week, with no more than one post per day. The morning offers your post its best chance to reach the optimum numbers of users on the business networking platform. Blog posts are excellent opportunities to establish your brand as a longform expert in your field, but don’t overdo it on LinkedIn. It’s used less often throughout the day than all the other social platforms.



Your main focus with developing your YouTube channel should be consistency. You should create a specific posting schedule, post that schedule onto your YouTube account, pace yourself and make and save those YouTube videos and have them ready to upload when you need them on your schedule. YouTube’s best times to upload are between Noon and 3pm on Thursdays and Fridays. Avoid Mondays and Tuesdays like the plague. They are YouTube’s worst days to upload for views and engagement.


Well there you have it! A comprehensive posting strategy for the major social media platforms. Remember, every account is different and user patterns change all the time, along with each platform’s algorithms. So stay vigilant, follow IM体育综合官方网站 on our social platforms or visit for more insights, tips and updates. We put you online so you don’t get left behind.


New Instagram Tips Straight from Instagram HQ. (November 2019)

Instagram is constantly developing new modifications, changes, features and updates to their algorithm on the photo and video sharing app throughout the year. The company also posts tips and notes on how to best alter your use of the app to get the best results. This blog will cover updates and notes on how to best implement hashtags in your posts, what’s happening to Likes, what you can expect from an updated algorithm and how best to get verified on the app.



Hashtags are an effective way of categorizing your posts, videos and pictures. However, in the past, hashtags have gotten out of hand. Hashtags allow posts to be collected into vast libraries of posts tagged with the same hashtag, creating a folio of similar subjects to explore for inspiration and ideas. Unfortunately, this system was abused via spam to insert off-topic ads and promotions in categories they had no business being in, so Instagram has issued a few recommendations.

-The IG team doesn’t recommend using more than TEN hashtags. The sweet spot is usually in the spectrum of three to five hashtags per post.

-Hashtags need to be highly relevant to the content of the post. If it’s not in the post, don’t mention it. Concentrate on what the content of the post is about, not the overarching continuity of your profile. If all of your posts have the same hashtags, it becomes incredibly redundant.

-Post your hashtags in your caption. Don’t clutter your post with a comment of hashtags.

-A block of 30 hashtags (especially when put in a comment) sends the message that it could be “spam” according to the IG team. Nobody reads them all anyway.



Likes on Instagram have become a commodity of their own in the 21st century self branding ecosystem. Now, Instagram is slowly rolling out updates that hide any one profile’s post likes from being seen by visitors to their pages or posts.

-Update is in 5-6 countries right now.

-A lot of IG employees have been testing it out personally for the past eight months, and prefer the app without seeing others’ Like totals.

-Likes will NOT disappear altogether. They will just disappear from being visible to people other than you.

-You can still see your posts’ Likes on the app’s backend (and share with brands if you’re a creator) if you choose to.


The Algorithm

Instagram’s algorithm determines the nature and order of your Instagram feed based on your interests and interactions. A few notes on the update:

-The algorithm will never go back to being chronological.

-The time of day you post doesn’t really matter, despite Insights marking out when your followers are active.

-Even if your audience is more “active” during the day, it does not mean that your posts will have a better chance of being seen.

-The way your content gets seen is controlled by whether or not your followers are engaging with your post. In order to see the content you want first and foremost, you absolutely HAVE to engage with it by liking and commenting on the posts and accounts you like the most, and vice versa for your own content. It signals to Instagram that you would like to prioritize that account over your other follows.

-So moving forward, your profile’s posts need to garner more likes and comments so your content will appear at the top of everyone’s feeds as one of their priorities.



Getting your profile verified on Instagram can do wonders for your follower count and post interactions. However, users have been having issues with receiving notice on successful verification for their profiles. Instagram has passed along a few points about the process.

-The only way to get verified is by using the public verification form where you can apply through the app.

-The decision will show up in the “Activity” tab, which can get buried under every notification in the tab unfortunately.

-If you haven’t heard back re: verification after a while, you likely weren’t approved or it was buried under “Activity” notifications.

-A lot of the verification decision is based on what Instagram calls the “notability” factor: press coverage, mentions, top results on Google, etc.


There you have it! Instagram is one of the more quick to adapt social media apps and they are constantly tweaking updates here and there. We hope this rundown has helped. Keep an eye out for future IM体育综合官方网站 discussions on updates to our favorite apps!


Are you looking to get help with your Instagram ? Contact us for a free consultation to formulate a strategic and affordable plan, call us today at 251-583-2605 or visit . Thanks to @lindsaysilbs for sharing this awesome information with us! We love her Instagram Intel!


Why SEO is a Sound Investment for Your Business

Digital Takeover

The floodgates have opened when considering the amount of advertising that is on the Internet. Over half the population (55%) of the world uses the Internet on a regular basis. Advertisers have followed audiences into the digital realm and now over $240 billion of all ad money is spent digitally marketing on the Internet’s 1.94 billion websites. With over 7 billion Google searches performed each day and ecommerce rapidly gaining ground in overall retail sales, Search Engine Optimization is absolutely critical for any business’ digital marketing strategy. It’s where the people and the money is, and where your business should be, too.

Mobile’s Edge Has Been Noticed

The landscape of digital marketing changes rapidly, with many new elements being introduced every year and immediately having an impact. One of the major shifts in Internet use this decade is the rise of mobile devices. Mobile traffic has surpassed that of desktop computers, with 48.2% of all online traffic coming from mobile and tablet devices. Google and other major search engines have started to reorientate their whole operation to reflect this new trend in data consumption. Businesses need to reflect Google’s changes in their own digital marketing strategies.

All Signs Point to SEO

One strategy that has come into even more prominence with the rise of mobile devices and search engine’s subsequent adjustments to better present data for mobile consumers is Search Engine Optimization . Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of your business’ web traffic by improving the visibility of your business’ website on search engines. SEO is an Internet marketing strategy that your business should consider because it is an efficient method for positioning your brand as an authority that will be highly recommended to web users searching for information relevant to what your business does.

Why Choose SEO as a Digital Strategy?

As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO takes into account how search engines operate, their behavior-determining, computer-programmed algorithms , what people terms and keywords people search for and which search engines are the most popular. Peak optimization is achieved through editing and adding site content, increasing backlinks, modifying HTML and another coding to both increases a site’s relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines . A website will receive higher traffic because a search engine ranks a site higher in the search engine results page (SERP) . These visitors can then be converted into customers and put revenue in businesses’ pockets.

Trust and Credibility

SEO builds up trust and credibility for your brand. Google will analyze your site based on its standards for web site quality and place it in its corresponding ranking on its search results pages. Because Google is such a behemoth of the Internet, it’s standards are used to unofficially determine the standards for the rest of the Internet. For instance, Google’s rankings reflect a pleasant user experience and strong, relevant information from backlinks. High-quality backlinks reinforce your brand’s trustworthiness by linking your page to other strong web pages. The more strong backlinks you have, the better your information and the higher your rank on Google search results. Users see your high ranking and automatically know that your site is legitimate because of Google’s standards.

Smooth User Experience

Google has learned to analyze the experienced user’s go through looking for the information they’re searching for. If it takes a lot of clicks to find that information, Google will reflect this inefficiency with a lower search ranking. Customers know what they want and know how long it should take them to find it. The right SEO leverages this to work in a brand’s favor.

Local SEO Strengthens Your Site in a Local Market

Local SEO helps your company stand out in local searches. With the rise of mobile traffic, local SEO means increased engagement, traffic and conversions for local small and mid-sized businesses. It’s absolutely necessary for local businesses to employ SEO because it optimizes a business’ digital presence for a specific area. Brands must be visible in places where people need them to make a worthy connection. Local SEO enhances visibility and lets potential customers find the answers, and the businesses providing those answers.

And, Finally, SEO is Cheap!

SEO budgets are as flexible as the businesses managing them. SEO is a long-term investment that will improve with more time, effort and attention put into it. While the cost of SEO is cheap, the payoffs are tremendous and can lift your business into a new phase of brand recognition, trustworthiness and local visibility.


Why You Should Choose Video Marketing

Video Marketing is soaring towards becoming the strongest marketing trend of 2019. Video Content is getting the attention of all the major social and tech media giants because of media consumption trends by the general population, because creating video content has gotten cheaper and offers a greater ROI and because new video format allows for many different placements for ads. If your business or brand has not bought into video marketing yet, maybe these reasons will convince you to start recording and sharing!


More People are on Mobile and Streaming Than Ever Before

The rise of mobile data consumption is the overarching media trend of the past decade. Mobile traffic has now surpassed that of desktop computers, with 48.2% of all Internet traffic coming from mobile users. The display format of mobile devices naturally trends towards playing videos horizontally, matching up very closely to film and video’s preferred 1.85:1 or 2.39:1 aspect ratios. US consumers are watching videos more than ever before, and streaming accounts for 15% of their 40 hours a week spent watching videos digitally. More people are cutting the cord with cable providers, preferring the content online in skinny bundling packages like Spotify Hulu. Audiences are no longer watching commercial rotations on cable and broadcast en masse like they were just 5 or 10 years ago.


More and More Social and Tech Brands are Concentrating on Video

The giants, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, have been closely monitoring how their users have been consuming data in this new digital age and have appropriately implemented changes in their platforms to reflect data consumption habits. Mark Zuckerberg explicitly stated the futures of Facebook and Instagram is in video, and that he will spend as much as he needs to accelerate the move. His plans focus on initiatives like Facebook Watch, and native ads playing before, during and after video streams. Facebook encourages brands to post videos around three minutes in length based on their studies on audience viewing habits, for example. Instagram is following its parent company, naturally, expanding beyond its original still image format with minute-long video posts and the longer IGTV video format. Twitter even relented and now allows videos to be posted along with tweet captions. Amazon is barreling along with its streaming services for Amazon Prime members. And, most impressively, Google has announced that it will have its AI programs search for video snippets relevant to search queries and will autoplay them on that query’s results page.



Video is Cheaper to Create Now, Ad Spend is Performing Better Than Expected

For a long time, it was hard to make interesting videos quickly, cheaply and efficiently. Creating videos took too long, the tools were hard to learn and everything and everyone involved were too expensive. Nowadays, everyone can record videos and edit them with ease if they have a smartphone. So we now have a situation where across the field, online video is getting better at an amazing rate. And going hand-in-hand with this information is the return on investment now enjoyed by marketers on digital video. Digital video is costing less to produce, generates more interest in a brand, product or service and is more effective at conversions than non-video advertising. People watching video are more likely to act. Viewers retain the information from videos much better than receiving it via text. For example, marketers using digital video had their revenue grow 49% faster than those who didn’t.


Video Changes with the Times, and Often Reflects Progress Easiest

It seems like the days of your typical 15-second and 30-second pre-roll spots are a thing of the past. Marketers have gotten extremely creative in where video can be placed, creating more opportunities for brands and services than ever before. Video can be put wherever there are eyes on screens. Now it’s no strange thing to see an ad play natively before a video stream, mid-stream or after. Instagram has video ads between users’ Stories, YouTube offers its TrueView streaming ads and Twitter plays videos between every couple of tweets.


Video is Able to Tell and Show a Story in Vastly Different Formats

As mentioned earlier, people retain information much easier via video than any other format. Makes you wonder why I’m writing this all down then, huh? While blogs definitely have their purpose and benefits, video is easier and quicker to consume. Your message is more likely to be heard and understood the way you meant it to. Your message can now be told via 10-second stories on Facebook and Instagram. You can host live video sessions like a Q&A or an Ask Me Anything. 360-Degree and VR videos allow you to transport audiences into immersive settings and scenes. And people are wanting to learn more about products and brands in paid video classes and tutorial videos. The way you want your video to share your message is now only limited to your imagination!


The Five Pillars of Digital Marketing for Your Business

In the past several years, we’ve gone through a behavioral shift in how we interact with the internet in our day-to-day lives. Over 78% of Americans use the Internet and there are over a million new internet users logging online for the first time every day . Our time is spent balancing being present in the digital world and the physical one. Our eyes and time are directed towards screens more often than not. Marketing reflected this change in where people’s attention was held. Since then digital marketing underwent seismic changes, culminating in mobile Internet usage finally surpassing that of desktop computers for the first time last year. With the Internet being available in people’s pockets for most of the past decade, several forms of digital marketing became critical for a business’ success .


Social Media


Social media is instrumental in developing a brand. Each post creates depth, personality and opportunity for businesses to interact with current and potential customers and clients. There are plenty of social media platforms to facilitate these interactions like Facebook and Twitter. However, Instagram and LinkedIn are two social media sites on the rise with their unique applications for marketing, sales and brand development. A majority of people use social media to reference and brief themselves on a brand they’re interested in, with businesses not active on social media losing credibility.


Google Ads


Google Ads is the tech giant’s online advertising platform where advertisers allow Google’s servers to place brief advertisements, offers, product listings, etc. for key search words people are entering in segmented market shares. These bids successfully place a business’ ad in a place where their target audience is looking. It’s a brilliant method of making sure your dollars are spent to place ads in relevant locations. And Google Ads is extremely cost-efficient, with bids costing pennies and your budget is determined only by your business.




Your website is your business’ chance to present itself in the best light possible . It’s an opportunity to create a unique identity for your brand, inform visitors about your business, position your brand as an expert in its field and finally convert visitors into returning clients and customers. Consumers hold businesses that have websites with short loading times, a pleasant color scheme and intuitive interfaces in the highest regard.


Digital Display Ads


Digital display ads is the new term to identify what used to be called banner ads, or the small ads that take up the empty space on a business’ webpage. They’re a form of pay-per-click advertising and don’t just come in banner shape and size anymore. While paid search ads appear on a search engine like Google’s results pages, display ads appear on the sites that are shown in those results pages. These web pages are ones relevant to your product or service, and a more effective placement for your ad. For digital display advertising on the Google Display Network, display ads appear on various types of websites like blogs, news organization pages, Gmail, YouTube and others. A digital display ads effectiveness is measured in impressions and clicks, telling you how many people have seen and interacted with your digital display ad.




Search Engine Optimization is the process of strengthening the quality and increasing the quantity of your website’s Internet traffic by increasing its visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). It’s an improvement of free, organic results. SEO involves modifying a site’s code, adding content like a blog with backlinks and other adjustments in UX to improve the site’s rankings. A significant portion of SEO also involves integrating key search terms into your page’s copy to increase its relevance in search engines’ ranking algorithms. SEO requires an extensive knowledge of many areas in digital marketing in order to be successful, but offers a high return on your investment.


If you need help with promotions or advertising , contact IM体育综合官方网站 to find out how we can help with your business’s marketing goals. For a free consultation to formulate a strategic and affordable plan, call us today at 251-583-2605 or visit We are a Google Trusted Agency and will be happy to answer your questions .


June 2019 Core Update for Google Reference

The Google Core Update took the team about five-days to roll out. They began Monday, June 3, and finished up on Saturday, June 8. These updates take time to roll out due to Google’s myriad servers and data centers around the world. For an update of this size, five days actually isn’t that long of a wait. We’ve compiled a list of FAQs that will help you sort out what you need to know from the recent Google Core Update.


So, Were There Any Hiccups?

There was early data presented regarding the size of the update as it was still rolling out. Large publications like Daily Mail stated publicly how badly the update affected them . Google hasn’t released any data on how big of an impact the updates made like they did previously with the Penguin and Panda updates. However, Google did say they announce these core updates because they are noticeable.


The Google Core Update did overlap with the diversity update. On June 3, the Core Update began and lasted through June 8. While the Diversity update started June 4 and ended on June 6.


How Will This Affect My Business?

When Google releases large updates, it’s important to note when they began and when they ended. If you notice website traffic increases or decreases in your analytics, knowing the timestamps of the updates allows you to track if your website was affected by a specific algorithm update, technical issue or a separate issue that is completely unrelated. Overlapping updates make it a little more difficult to judge a website’s impact; but if you work with a good SEO, you should still be able to get accurate data.


IM体育综合官方网站 SEO Services

When you’re ready to see your business show up in search results, call the digital ninjas at IM体育综合官方网站 . If building a site from the ground up is what you need, we can help. What about a site that already exists? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Our team will perform an in-depth inspection of your current website and uncover any issues there may be. Following our site audit, we provide an extensive report including the problems we found and the opportunities we recommend that will positively impact your business. At IM体育综合官方网站, We Put You Online So You Don’t Get Left Behind.


Contact us to find out how we can help with your business’s digital presence. For a free consultation to formulate a strategic and affordable plan, call us today at 251-583-2605 or visit We are a Google Trusted Agency and will be happy to answer your questions.


The Advantages of Social Media for Your Business

Over the last 15 years or so, social media has grown tremendously. It allows us to stay in touch with family and friends that have moved away, and is also a great source for news. While social media obviously has its uses as a free service for one’s private life, it had to find a way to make money to grow. Businesses stepped in to capitalize on where everyone was spending so much time online. While large corporations that are easily recognized eagerly joined everyone on social media, smaller businesses were slow to seize social media’s impressive reach to new audiences. If you own a business and have yet to utilize any of the social media platforms available at your disposal, then it’s time to get started. Here we’ll discuss with you the advantages of social media for your business that will have you wanting to create accounts for your business as soon as possible.


Quick, Easy Communication

Social media provides you with the opportunity to connect to customers in a quick, easy manner. You can read reviews left by customers and can respond to them accordingly. Direct messaging on social platforms is now one of the primary ways customers reach out to businesses with questions and feedback. It is faster now than it has ever been to contact the right people, and most of the time you don’t even have to pick up the phone. As a business owner, social media gives you the ability to stay in contact with your consumers and receive feedback in real time.


Increases Website Traffic

Utilizing social media channels will also show an increase in website traffic. You can direct visitors on your social media pages to your website by posting your URL wherever you please on your profile and posts. Most social platforms also provide you with Insights on your posts’ reach and audience. Businesses are able to attract a visitor’s attention with posts and can capitalize on a captive audience by insisting on learning more by visiting the full company website, a crucial step in converting users into customers or clients. Let’s say you own a boutique with a brick-and-mortar location. Those local to your area know about the business because they have seen it, but having a social media presence allows you the ability to reach audiences all over through social platforms’ recommendation algorithms, putting your message on a completely new target audience’s news feeds. When done correctly, this should allow for an increase in sales on top of your improved website traffic.


Brand Awareness

Social media is an extremely cost-efficient form of digital marketing that can increase your business’s visibility. By adding a social media strategy to your overall marketing plan, it should increase your brand’s awareness because you are able to engage with a larger audience. It’s important to interact with others when starting your profiles. Ask friends, employees, business partners and any sponsors to share your pages and posts to increase the audience you reach. Facebook, for example, also gives businesses a leg up with their Pages You May Like recommendation tool, where pages of similar topics and mutual interests are displayed for those looking for new follows or friends. Also, boosting your posts can dramatically increase your brand’s reach and improving your brand’s awareness for a price you determine based on your company’s resources and needs. With just a few minutes of exploring a social media platform, you should be able to find the right avenue for spreading the word about your business.


If you need help with promotions or advertising , contact IM体育综合官方网站 to find out how we can help with your business’s marketing goals. For a free consultation to formulate a strategic and affordable plan, call us today at 251-583-2605 or visit We are a Google Trusted Agency and will be happy to answer your questions .


How Do You Know Your Rank On Google?

You’ve spent a lot of work, time and money creating a website for your business that most likely includes a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. This approach includes optimizing pages and keywords that include terms used by your target audience. SEO is a method that can help improve your rank on Google and help drive traffic to your website. In the following, we will discuss how well these efforts are paying off.

Go Incognito

Searching for words on Google to optimize and gauge where your site shows up is not only time consuming but counterproductive. Mostly because Google personalizes a user’s search results based on factors such as history, location, social media connections and even the type of device. Using incognito mode on Google will keep your browser from storing info and using past info in your search results. Just keep in mind, it arranges results based on your physical location.

Use Google’s Search Console

Google makes it pretty easy to track your rankings by providing a service called Google Search Console (previously known as Google Webmaster Tools). Set up your Search Console profile through your Google account if you have not already done so. Now, you can view your Performance Report dashboard which provides handy organic ranking information such as:

  • The results from search queries
  • The number of clicks your page received
  • Average location placement for a certain search or page
  • Metric trends over time

However, if you have not set up the Search Console before creating your website you will not be able to view recent ranking data. Once you set up the account, you will need to verify your website.

Monitor Keyword Rankings in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool when used in combination with Google Search Console. Both can help you retrieve the data you need to better streamline your SEO tactic. Start by connecting your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts after setting them up. After following a few steps, you can enable the data in Search Console into the Google Analytics page. Add your page to the Search Console and follow a few more steps. From there you will be able to see the live data and keyword rankings in Google Analytics. By using analytics you be able to track the keywords that directed people to your page. This will give you a good idea of what parts of the page need optimizing.

Refine and Rework Marketing and SEO Methods

It takes time for your page to appear in queries and receive hits so you must check your rank often. If you feel you are not receiving the results of your efforts, you made to change things up a bit. People’s search habits can change daily and it’s important to keep up with trending words.

Know where you rank among the millions of websites on Google. By using SEO successfully and monitoring your rank data, you will have no problem standing out among the crowd.

Check us out and see how we can help with your business’s digital presence. Visit . We are a Google Trusted Agency and will be happy to answer your questions. For a free consultation to formulate a strategic and affordable plan, call us today at 251-583-2605.


Did You Know You Can Use SEO to Generate Leads?

Do you want more leads? Sure, we all do! Today, people are using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for more than just gaining a bigger audience. Business owners are turning those followers into actual sales leads. But how does this work and where do you start? Find out about the many benefits of using SEO.

Get to Know Your Customer

Researching more about your past customers will give you a better perspective on your audience. The more trends you see among buyers will allow you to target potential customers with similar interests. Once you have a clear idea of who is spending money with you, you can now develop an SEO plan . This targeted approach may leave some audience members out but the main goal is to get in front of potential customers.

Update Your Content

Now that you know your audience, it’s important to update your content to make sure it efficiently targets your followers. If you have a web page or blog post that is generating activity, consider looking at ways to update it regularly with new, beneficial content. Add a Call-to-Action (CTA) to your posts with your contact information. It should also have a clear message about your goods and services. Another benefit is that your page will populate and rank higher in Google searches if it updated regularly.

Getting the Lead

Now that you know your audience and have sparked their interest, how do you get them to reach out to you? Here’s where creativity comes into play! You can offer free resources through an exchange of their email or some other form of contact information. Resources can include: subscribing to a blog, a list of local events, helpful tips and tricks, a special report about a topic or offer to send an eBook. The door is open for you to be as creative as you want.

Get Social

Interacting with your followers on social media is another way to gain the interest of a lead. There is a multitude of ways to network in the social space: directly messaging on Instagram or Facebook, using Instagram live and Facebook live and engaging with customers by answering questions in the comment section. Remember the Call-to-Action we talked about? Here is where you could suggest a way for people to reach out to you. Due to social media having an abundance of users, it makes it an easier option for followers to reach out to you.

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